Design & Engineering

Our engineering team consists of accredited optical, mechanical, electrical, software, automation and application engineers with expertise in a wide range of microscopy and imaging applications and technologies. Additionally, they have years of experience with illumination, optical imaging methodologies and equipment, optomechanical engineering and performance modeling as well as quality control. WDI is able to provide a broad range of design and engineering services covering all aspects of developing custom microscopy autofocus and automation solutions.


WDI manufactures both standard and customized components and systems including autofocus sensors, linear lens changers, Z-Axis actuators and illuminators. We utilize modern technology, precision components and world class assembly techniques to deliver modules and systems that exceed the most demanding quality and performance requirements. All incoming components undergo quality control and all finished products are tested individually using tailored quality assurance procedures. Additionally, complete systems have further testing processes to ensure WDI’s  high quality standards are met.  All WDI components and systems are RoHS and CE certified.

Custom Solutions

WDI and its MAST group specialize in the design and development of custom microscope autofocus and microscopy automation components. We offer solutions to complex applications that cannot be solved with off-the-shelf microscopes or products and systems. Our expertise and experience spans many applications and environments.