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Precision Focus Automation

WDI’s next generation Precision Focus Automation “PFA” technology includes the world’s fastest and most powerful microscopy autofocus sensor. Driven by demand for higher speed, greater accuracy and more flexibility for a wider variety of applications the PFA sensor features significant advancements in optics, imaging, processing and communication.

PFA sensors feature:

  • Higher update rate and faster measurements, greater accuracy and repeatability with improved ease of integration

  • Fifteen times greater sensitivity, a global shutter and increased speed along with enhanced ability for both laser and video autofocus

  • Major improvements in memory, processor power and function as well as adaptability and programmability

  • Gigabit Ethernet communication and Linux OS provide greater reliability and enhanced capabilities


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Auto Focus Sensors

The core of WDI’s technology is our autonomous digital autofocus sensor (ATF) which may be integrated to existing customer supplied or WDI microscope systems. To meet the demands of a wide variety of applications, several sensor models are available, each with its own set of options depending on specific requirements. WDI’s ATF technology is used worldwide in many environments including flat panel display, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. Our products are also found in biomedical research and imaging automation applications.

All sensors feature:

  • “Smart Sensor Architecture” (SSA) which incorporates a semiconductor laser, CMOS image sensor, FPGA and microprocessor

  • High speed, high accuracy, reliable and repeatable performance

  • The ability to maintains focus on a wide variety of surfaces and substrates that are stationary or moving in real time.

  • A variety of integration, control and performance options making them adaptable to a wide range of complex applications and demanding environments

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Modular Microscope Components & Systems

Coupled with our ATF technology WDI designs and manufactures a diverse range of microscopy automation components (MMS) which may be used “stand alone” or part of a complete imaging system. The full line of MMS components include various models of automated linear lens changers, Z-Axis actuators and illuminators as well as microscope bodies, tube lenses and camera mounts.

All MMS products and systems feature:

  • High performance industrial design adaptable to any application and manufacturing environment.

  • Precision optical and automation components which are light weight and have a small footprint.

  • Modularity allowing ease of integration with third party optical components and systems including those from Navitar, Mitutoyo, Excelitas, Olympus, and Nikon

Laser Micro Machining Microscopes

For more demanding industrial microscopy imaging applications and those processes which require a laser for micro machining, trimming or repair WDI has engineered a line automated optical inspection and laser micro machining microscopes (MIC). Like the Modular Microscope System the MIC line easily integrates with WDIs technology to create a fully autonomous system encompassing focus, illumination, and lens actuation.

All MIC systems feature:

  • Materials and a design suited to meet the demands of modern high speed manufacturing in the LCD, LED, OLED, and semiconductor industries in terms of image quality, system stability, reliability and speed

  • The capability for both static and high speed scanning applications

  • The ability to be configured with a laser port and internal optics to allow 2, 3, or 4 laser wavelengths with minimal loss to laser power at the target

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Infrared Laser Confocal Microscope

In response to the demands of semiconductor manufacturers for an instrument capable of imaging within a wafer or device in a non-destructive manner, WDI designed and manufactured an automated Infrared Laser Confocal Microscope (IRLC). The IRLC allows subsurface and interior inspection of silicon wafers and devices, permitting the imaging of internal structures at sub-micron resolution.

The IRLC features:

  • Near-IR laser and IR optics coupled with confocal scanning technology ideal for non-destructive subsurface interior investigation of silicon wafers, IC chips, MEMS, Solar Panels, and other devices

  • A full automation package consisting of a motorized XY stage, objective lens turret, illumination, focus and Z position and laser attenuation

  • Powerful yet intuitive software, designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the inspection and review processes

  • Optional automation and recipe software, allowing the system to conduct completely automated inspection routines on individual devices or complete wafers and/or IC strip and tray packages

Custom System Development

At WDI we understand that unique applications and end customer requirements may not be satisfied by standard systems and components. To meet this need WDI has built a Microscopy Application & Support Team (MAST) who collectively possesses decades of microscopy, application and engineering knowledge as well as real world experience. The team is able to overcome technical, automation, integration issues and ultimately design and deliver unique customized autofocus and microscopy solutions.

The MAST group:

  • Consists of full time scientists and accredited professional engineers from a number of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, optical, software and automation

  • Allows customers to discuss their requirements and needs with skilled specialists who understand both their application and the unique challenges they face

  • Is able to overcome technical, automation, and integration issues

  • Engineers, designs and supports unique customized autofocus and microscopy automation solutions