Launch of our next generation – Precision Focus Automation “PFA” technology.

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WDI is pleased to announce the launch of our next generation Precision Focus Automation “PFA” technology.  Our new components includes the world’s fastest and most powerful microscopy autofocus sensor. Driven by demand for higher speed, greater accuracy and more flexibility for a wider variety of applications the PFA sensor features significant advancements in optics, imaging, processing and communication.  PFA sensors feature:

  • Higher update rate and faster measurements, greater accuracy and repeatability with improved ease of integration
  • Fifteen times greater sensitivity, a global shutter and increased speed along with enhanced ability for both laser and video autofocus
  • Major improvements in memory, processor power and function as well as adaptability and programmability
  • Gigabit Ethernet communication and Linux OS provide greater reliability and enhanced capabilities

To learn more about PFA and WDI’s microscopy automation components contact WDI or your local representative.