WDI Announces New ATF 6.5 Autofocus Sensor Technology

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WDI is very proud to announce the latest addition to its line of industry leading Autofocus Sensor’s the ATF6.5. The ATF6.5 features hardware, functional and software improvements making it more powerful and flexible than any autofocus sensor available today. These improvements include:

• New laser and projection optics
• Enhanced surface recognition
• Greater integration tolerance
• Improved linearity
• Upgraded software features
• Both laser & video autofocus

The new more powerful multi mode laser diode provides 12 times the laser output power from the sensor. Coupled with the new laser are improved laser projection and pattern shaping optics. The result is a more uniform projected laser line which is 2 times longer as well as 4 times wider at the objective aperture. These changes mean dramatically increased autofocus robustness, greater immunity to parasitic and other interference and relaxed alignment sensitivity.

The 3 times capture range increase means that it is now possible to switch from low magnification to high magnification with no resulting focus delay. The improvement has also made formally optional features such as “Cell”, “Advanced Surface Recognition” and “Multi Plane Autofocus” standard. Furthermore 50X surface recognition can now easily be achieved.

A 50% increased standoff distance, from 200mm to over 300mm, from the ATF6.5 sensor to the objective has led to less sensitivity with regards to alignment and interference. The ATF6.5 also features improved linearity which further reduces sensitivity to alignment, more reliable operation and improved compensation for UV, NIR and other objective offsets.

Finally the ATF6.5 software has been refined to include both “Laser Line” and “Video” autofocus adding further flexibility to the sensor. In conjunction with this are new features such as “Set Reference” which allows the sensor to automatically focus on a predefined offset from zero and “System Tune” which permits the automatic setting of advanced configuration parameters. If you have any additional questions or require additional information please contact WDI.

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