WDI Wise Device donates to UNICEF’s #GiveAVax to help save lives

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WDI Wise Device is proud to donate to UNICEF’s #GiveAVax program to help UNICEF deliver life-saving vaccines to health workers and high-risk groups in lower-income countries around the world and play role in helping to end the pandemic for everyone.

Right now, we are in a race against time to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to every corner of the globe. More than 85% of eligible Canadians have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine being currently the highest rate in the world. More and more Canadians are receiving their second dose every day, but the situation remains critical for families and communities in low-income countries, where only 2% of the population have received at least one dose. To end this pandemic, we are proud to help any way possible for children, their families and their communities move beyond the pandemic.

Together, we can save lives and protect children’s futures.