ATF & PFA integration with Dover Motion DOF-5 Linear Z Objective stage

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WDI is excited to announce the integration of our ATF and PFA microscopy focus technology with the Dover Motion DOF-5 Linear Z objective stage.  Using either our new DOF+ controller paired with any ATF autofocus sensor or direct connection with our new PFA autofocus sensor, customers may now easily integrate the Dover Motion DOF-5 objective stage.  The combination of WDI’s autofocus technology with the DOF-5 create an ideal solution to any microscopy automation application requiring accuracy, speed, resolution and travel.  The system is well suited to both biomedical imaging applications such as DNA sequencing and industrial metrology applications such as mask inspection.     

To learn more about PFA and WDI’s microscopy automation components contact WDI or your local representative.  To learn more about the Dover Motion DOF-5 objective stage, please contact Dover Motion.