WDI Announces New ATF6 SWIFT

In Product News by Wise Device Inc.

WDI is very proud to announce our new “ATF6 SWIFT” autofocus sensor, available as either stand alone or as part of an integrated system. The ATF6 SWIFT is a high speed, high accuracy, autonomous digital autofocus sensor. Its “Smart Sensor Architecture” (SSA) incorporates a semiconductor laser, built-in CMOS image sensor, FPGA and microprocessor for fast digital image processing. The ATF6 SWIFT is continually assessing distance and direction to focus, updating its data every 0.15 milliseconds, 3 times the speed of previous versions. This allows the sensor to keep samples in focus regardless of whether they are stationary or in high speed motion. By projecting a laser line, the AFT6 SWIFT operates equally effectively on patterned and un-patterned specimens as well as diffusing and reflective surfaces making it ideal for media such as TFT arrays, photo masks and semiconductor wafers. The sensor also automatically adjusts its laser intensity and exposure time, allowing it to adapt from low reflective (down to 1%) to highly reflective (99%) surfaces. If you have any additional questions or require additional information please contact WDI.

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