WDI Announces New Hybrid Stepper Piezo Z-Axis Actuator

In Product News by Wise Device Inc.

WDI is pleased to announce the new “Hybrid Piezo Stepper Z-Axis Actuator” component. Many modern inspection and laser machining systems require an extremely high resolution and fast Z axis actuator which also provides long overall travel distance. To meet this requirement WDI has integrated two motion technologies into the first “Hybrid” Z Axis actuator, the ZAA STPI. By combining both stepper and piezo motion the ZAA STPI offers all the benefits of a piezo actuator; including nanometer resolution, rapid response and smooth motion, with the long travel distance of a stepper motor.

The ZAA STPI seamlessly integrates with WDIs Autofocus (ATF) Sensor technology to create a fast, high resolution, smooth imaging system that can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications including semiconductor, FPD, OLED, packaging and photovoltaic and solar panel inspection. The ZAA STPI operates in three different modes; single mode stepper, single mode piezo or hybrid mode, allowing it to adapt easily to different applications. If you have any additional questions or require additional information please contact WDI.

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