WDI Announces New Multi-Plane Autofocus Option

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WDI is excited to announce our new “Multi-Plane Autofocus” option for the ATF6 family of Autofocus Sensors. Many inspection applications such as those found in Semiconductor, PCB, MEMS and device manufacturing require that a system be capable of focusing on a specific surface even though two or more surfaces may be visible within a field of view. This requirement is further complicated in dynamic tracking applications when the sample is moving and the various surfaces are continually changing.

The new Multi-Plane Autofocus feature overcomes this challenge by allowing customers to select and lock on to a specific surface. This feature is available for all current ATF6 sensors and may be ordered at the time of purchase or added at a later date via firmware/software upgrade. If you have any additional questions or require additional information please contact WDI.

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